As a 15 year old battling with the normality of high school and conforming to society, I was led in the direction to become a Chef.  After a number of years in the Industry, I became burnt out and desperately needed a break from cooking as I felt in my heart that the direction I was going in wasn’t in a passionate direction with food.  For many years I could never quite figure out why.

When I look back now, I can clearly see my passion was most ignited when I was the entremetier (vegetable chef) and I was definitely an extremely strong cold larder (salads and cold canapes) Chef.  The Industry can sometimes bring with it much hierarchy and the feeling that if you don’t run the show or the Main Course section somehow you are lower down the ranks.  So I guess as my passions were not in these areas, I questioned the career path I was on.

After a few years out of the Industry and some positive influence coming into my life, my passion for cooking began to return, I had a niggle to bring fresh wholesome food to people in the form of catering, so I took steps to bring this to life, with Kings Wholesome Caterer operating  from 2014 – 2016.

During my time with this business and in May of 2015, I took steps to personally change the way I felt.  With positive and factual encouragement from my beloved Aunt Annette, I decided to change my eating habits to a plant based way of life, also known as I became Vegan.  Not only did my health change immensely, but I began to ‘wake up’ to the impact of the over consumption of animal products in today’s society.

This has led me to pursue a passionate desire to transition into sharing only plant based / vegan food with the community and showing you all how incredibly tasty, healthy food can be. 

Together with the team at Kings Wholefood Artisan, our wish is to bring you tasty nutritious food, made with love and compassion, that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied. 

Many thanks for your support and your feedback and input is always greatly appreciated.


What our Clients say

Thank you for the beautiful soup and croutons. The whole family enjoyed a delicious, wholesome meal at a very affordable price  Looking forward to seeing what specials you do in the future!

Aoife Richardson

Lennox Head

Just eating my way through the 5 plant based meals that I ordered earlier in the week. Loving them and will definitely buy again. So delicious, nutritious and a good price. Makes good eating for a busy mum on the go easy peasy.

Clancy Allen

Darwin, Northern Territory

OMG everything I've tried so far at Kings is amazing. Still can't quite believe Palmerston has the top ends first cruelty free cafe. Plant based healthy yummies in my tummies. Great friendly service and relaxed atmosphere to boot. Will be a regular and can't wait to work my way through the menu. If you think vegan food is boring, make a visit to Kings and be blown away.

Hannah Bohlin